IHS103: Identify the motivation for, and commitment to, a career – Human Services Assignment

Internal Code: MAS5611

Human Services Assignment:

There are many sources of motivation that inspire an individual to work within the Human Services. Understanding those motivators from a cultural, spiritual, organisational and personal perspective is important for Human Service workers, as so much of these perspectives underpin worker values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. This assessment provides an opportunity for students to critically reflect on the content of the first two modules in this subject, and to demonstrate their awareness and analytical capacity through a review of historical and current trends in human social and service provision, both internationally and in Australia.


1) Identify the motivation for, and commitment to, a career in the Human Services Sector.

2) Communicate an understanding of the variety of organisations that constitute the Human Services Sector from a global and Australian

3) Exhibit a base knowledge of relevant theoretical and practical behaviours necessary to operate as a practitioner in the Human Services Field such as critical thinking skills, advocacy, lobbying, networking, and support and service coordination.

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