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ICTTEN611 - ICT Network Architecture Design - Kate Joe and Smith Case Study - Selection of a Network and Its Topology - Optimum Design Solution - IT Assessment Answer

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Task 1:

1.1 Jack is working in an internet service provider (ISP) company which provides services in the metropolitan areas of Sydney. The company has received a few complaints from one of its corporate clients that the internet is not working on their premises. Jack has been assigned with the task of troubleshooting the challenges. Jack knows that the ISP network consists of the access network and core network, and he needs to go through both systems to troubleshoot the network problem. What should be Jack’s problem-solving approach in this particular case?

1.2 Allen is working on a government project that provides free Wi-Fi to designated hotspots of the city. The government already has an ICT infrastructure in place and wants to upgrade the existing one. Allen is provided with the documents about the existing network infrastructure. He finds the sections on network topologies, network protocols and operating systems Briefly explain the importance of the information available in these sections and how this information could help Allen to produce a better network design.

1.3 Beaconite is an entrepreneurial venture in the field of agriculture. The start-up aims to improve the supply chain of agricultural goods and reduce its time to market. The company has been able to show promising growth and is now expanding its market. A new solution of the company relies on the connectivity between a remote worksite, the location of its agricultural solution deployment and the head office of the company. The company has invited bids from the cellular operators. Before dealing with those, the CEO has asked his ICT manager to prepare a briefing about mobile cellular networks and their implications. Explain the elements of mobile cellular technology that the ICT manager can include in her report.

1.4 MediaCom is a cable service provider in the suburbs of Melbourne. They are planning to upgrade its cable network to an optical network to resolve slow speed and poor picture quality complaints. Tom is assigned as the project manager and is asked to prepare a report about optical network principles and advantages. What points should Tom add in his report?

1.5 The shipping company CarGo is facing several complaints regarding delayed or missing deliveries. They are now looking to deploy a technical solution to address this problem. They approach you to consult on the matter. The most suitable solution you recommend is to use radio frequency (RF) technology with RFID implementation.
Briefly explain RF technology and show how RFID can be helpful in solving its delivery problem.

1.6 Smith is representing the information technology department at the company’s annual business performance review meeting. A major point in this year’s agenda is to discuss the ICT department’s budget for the following year. Smith knows that some other department managers do not see ICT as a valuable asset for the organization and are seeking budget cuts. What are the key points that Smith should present to the board to improve their understanding of how ICT can address business needs?

1.7 Mechanics is an engineering consultancy firm that provides engineering related solutions to clients for mega projects. The company is evaluating a new engineering project management software that can provide better project management capability. The company has requested a demo license (a temporary license) to evaluate the software. Kieran is the ICT engineer who arrives at the Mechanics’ office to install the program. However, he is experiencing a compatibility issue error while installing the software. Discuss the possible causes of the issue and potential solutions.


Task 2:
Case Study: Student World

A newly formed electrical engineering college campus, Student World, wants to deploy the latest technological advancements to their campus using an Information and communication technology plan. They have different departments like the staff department, their head being Kate, the IT department, its head being Joe, and the Student Union department, headed by Smith. They all have specific requirements of the network designer who aims to incorporate all of them and also provide other relevant features, if possible.
• They want to develop their own area network for students and staff so that it is fast, reliable and easily available throughout the campus building, including the hostel area.
• Student World wants to develop its own website for all staff members and students so that they can log in and obtain important information.
• They want a complete set of hardware and software applications to help students in their academic careers.
• Student World also wants to limit the usage of the internet and wants to restrict access to some websites in order to ensure students use the internet facility correctly.
• Student World also wants a secure system in which all academic data is available in soft form and is only available to staff and students. They also want to have a backup for the system.
Kate, Joe, and Smith will assist in gathering the information required by the ICT designer. They will also go through the plan to check if all the requirements have been met or not.

2.1 Explain how you will start to build the ICT architecture in keeping with ICT principles, parameters and then propose the solution which should address all the points provided in the case study.

2.2 After the selection of a network and its topology, explain how you will recommend the hardware and software needs of the Student World. What are the priorities in the selection of the software and hardware?

2.3 Outlining major parts of the ICT architecture, you will now prepare a critical analysis of the needs of the Student World. You will need to make sure all the needs fall in line with modern technologies and they are practical and viable.

2.4 Once you have completed the technological solution proposal, evaluated the client requirements, you need to move on to the next part of the business evaluation and report making. Now you will prepare a formal technical report which starts by addressing the requirements of the Student World and then explains your proposed solution to meet those requirements. This report will be presented to the client for review and approval. What will the report be formatted?

2.5 The report proposal will be submitted to the client for their feedback and review. If the client requires any further explanation, you will provide proper clarification for each point. Changes requested to the proposed solution must be incorporated in an updated report. Describe the steps you would take to analyze feedback from the client and adjust the proposal accordingly.

2.6 Explain why your design solution must not only be technically feasible but must also conform to business rules.

2.7 One of the main forms of communication in ICT is the technical report. In the workplace, the report is a practical working document written by ICT engineers for clients, managers, and other engineers. This means every report has a purpose beyond the simple presentation of information. Outline some common purposes of ICT technical reports:

2.8 Explain the term ‘optimum design solution’ in the context of ICT.


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