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ICT2101: Understanding Computer Organization and Architecture – Computer Science Assignment

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1. Describe the architecture of N-bit microprocessor and the corresponding memory and I/O subsystem.

2.Explain the memory organization, I/O organization, CISC vs RISC architecture of a computer system

Basic Level
1. Explain the differences between computer organization and computer architecture with an example for each.
2. What are the types of registers in microprocessor?
3. How does a cache memory differ from registers?

Intermediary Level
1. Why is RISC architecture best used for pipeline processing than CISC?
2. Which makes the best Graphic Processing Unit in comparison with Intel, AMD and NVidia?
3. How does the operating system allocate the computer memory?

Advanced Level
Assuming that you were to build a CPU for personal use, explain what are the components will be required to build a complete CPU? Justify your reason/purpose on why you choose the component. Attach a picture of the component to support your justification.

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