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HSW221: Social Work Research In Ethical & Poltical Contexts- Self-Determination & Client Outcomes- Research Assignment Help

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Task: Research Topic– The Relationship Between Self-Determination And Client Outcomes Among Young Homeless People In Australia This assignment requires you to answer 8 sets of questions relating to research and research methodology. Structure and presentation Please answer all the questions set out below. You must use either headings that refer to the particular set of questions being asked or simply use the numbers that accompany each set of questions (1-8). An essay format is not required because you are not developing an overall argument or thesis. You are being asked to problem solve. You must use reference throughout and append a bibliography/reference list to the assignment. ANSWER ALL SET QUESTIONS (all questions count equally to your final mark)
  1. How might an understanding of research methodologies and research methods contribute to social worker’s best practice?
  2. Why is it important to reflect on your own personal positioning and subjectivity and the perspectives that you use to interpret the world when you undertake social research? What would be the purpose of being transparent about your personal positioning and background in your qualitative research report?
  3. Briefly define the criteria for research trustworthiness employed in mainstream/dominant research. Why is there a need for an alternate approach to research trustworthiness for qualitative research.
  4. Briefly summarise positivist, interpretive and one other paradigm(choosing one from post-modern, feminist or critical). List their main differences and how each might influence approaches to social research? What paradigm(s) might best fit with your research topic as you are starting to define it? Why?
  5. Describe the differences between qualitative and quantitative methodologies and methods. Why would you employ one or the other or both in a particular study? Which of these methodologies (one or both) would best fit your research topic as you are starting to define it? Why?
  6. Describe three difference data collection techniques. Explain how each of these data collection techniques might be used in either qualitative or quantitative approaches or both. Be sure to provide examples of how each might be used.
  7. What is the difference between probability and non-probability sampling? When would you use each approach? Briefly describe one probability and one non-probability sampling techniques. Be sure to provide examples of how these two sampling techniques might be used.
  8. Describe and explain 2 different quantitative and 2 different qualitative analytical approaches or strategies. Be sure to provide examples of how these might be used.
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