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HST111 : Population Health : Essay Writing – Nursing Assignment

Internal Code : MAS483

Nursing Assignment

Essay writing –

Using essay format and correct (i.e. APA) in-text and end-text referencing, describe three ways the health status of Australian people is reported and use these to compare the health status of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australian children.

Tip 1: Use the Marking Rubric and the Essay Template provided on Blackboard to guide both the structure and the content of your paper. Your essay should be set out in the same sections as that shown in the essay template. The rubric will be used to mark and grade your paper so it should be used as a checklist.

Tip 2: Look at the Exemplar Essay on Blackboard so you can see what a high distinction paper from a previous semester looks like. Keep in mind that the topic for this semester is not exactly the same as the topic in the exemplar essay.

Tip 3: The ECU library has developed subject guides (‘pathfinders’) for Australian Indigenous Health:

Tip 4: Make sure you have completed up to an including HST1111 Academic Skills Workshop 10 prior to submitting this assignment.

Tip 5: “…ways the health status of Australian people is reported” means things like, life expectancy, specific causes of death and/or injury, prevalence of specific diseases, preventable risk factors such as tobacco smoking rates, etc.

Tip 6: Make sure you stick very closely to the specific task for this essay and do not include any extra information – no matter how important or interesting you find it to be. This means do not discuss why or how the differences in health came about or what should be done about the differences.

Tip 7: Do not leave this assignment until the last minute. To be able to use the feedback provided by Turnitin to improve your essay, you need to have finished your essay at least one week before the due date for submission.

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