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HSH725: Treatment Of Otitis Externa With Antibiotic-Steroid Combination- Social work research- Research Assignment Help

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Research Assignment Help:

Task:For this paper, students are required to consider one of the topical scenarios provided at the end of this Unit Outline, and discussed in the tutorial, to identify a possible focus and aim for a research project Based on one of those scenarios, students are required to submit a written piece which

addresses the following elements of a research proposal:

• Identification of an appropriate research topic, focus and research aim.
• Articulation of the importance of and/or the need for the research (research justification).
• A brief review of recent research of relevance to your topic.
• Inclusion of a credible explanation of the relevance of the proposed research to social work (contribution to knowledge).
• Clear statement of the benefit of the research e.g. to an agency, workers, and/or service users, social policy.
• Articulation of the purpose of the research in the form of an appropriate research question or questions.
• Demonstration of the suitability of your research design for your proposed research
• Discussion of ethical issues relevant to the proposed research.
• The inclusion of a sampling and data collection plan and a data analysis plan.

Research instruments should be designed with reference to: Sarantakos, S 2013, Social research, 4th edn, Palgrave Macmillan, New York, Ch. 11 or 12. Include as an appendix a draft of any surveys or interview questions you will use. Text in appendices will not contribute to the overall document word count.


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