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HNCB 011: Contractual Procedures and Procurement – Procurement Assignment

Internal Code: MAS6278

Procurement Assignment:

As an employee of a medium sized Professional Quantity Surveying Practice, the senior partner wishes to conduct an assessment of current procurement pathways and contracts that are currently in use within the construction sector. You have been instructed to prepare a report which identifies roles, responsibilities and activities of the parties and organisations involved in contractual procedures and the procurement of building projects. As part of this work, you will identify current procurement methods, current issues associated with procurement and the
different forms of contracts in general use. It would of benefit if were to relate your evidence to a case study from industry.


1) Discuss the needs of the clients for construction projects in both the public and private sectors.

2) Examine and analyse the choice of different procurement arrangements that currently exist in the construction sector.

3) Provide a comparison of the main contractual arrangements of the common forms of contract that are found within both the construction and civil engineering sectors.

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