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HLTENN012 Chronic Care: Implement and Monitor Care for a Person with Chronic Health Problems - Health Care Assignment Help

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Chronic Health Care Assignment Help

Provide an example of how you have sought information from a person and also from a family member or carer to confirm the patient’s understanding of their condition and its impact on their ongoing health and well-being?

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In practical task for this unit you will need to identify current treatments and then determine available resources and support for your patients.

Briefly describe how you have or would identify these current treatments?

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Provide details of a patient you have provided health care services to including; details of their condition, their need for healthcare, including whether the support they needed was restorative or rehabilitative, and what community-based care services were available and suitable for this person?

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Provide details of strategies which you might employ to involve a patient in being actively involved in the development of the strategies to self-manage their condition?

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Provide an example of where you have identified the current point in time contribution of other agencies and all professionals in supporting a person you are providing nursing services for. Your answer should include details of:

  • What strategies you used to identify the contribution/s?

    • What communication techniques were involved?

    • The details of the services and agencies or groups that were identified?

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Provide an example of where you identified the level and type of contribution and support provided by a family member or carer with your answer including:

  • Details of the patient and their condition?

    • Strategies/tactics you used to identify the contribution of the family or carer?

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Briefly describe an example of where you identified your responsibility in communicating and reporting a patient’s response to nursing interventions, including details of how you identified your level of responsibility, and how you ensured that you met the identified levels of responsibility?

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To provide the best healthcare service is necessary to ensure that the most suitable and appropriate health care is provided in line with an individual’s needs and or condition. Variations in a person’s health care needs may relate to a change in their condition or other circumstances, or even changes in their life and other conditions.

Provide an example of where you have responded to a variation in a person’s health care needs, and how you were involved in assisting them through a coordinated service approach?

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Provide an example of how you contributed to a person’s understanding of their chronic health possible problems through health education, and in consultation or support of other members of an interdisciplinary team.

Your answer should provide details of:

  • How the health education was undertaken

    • What consultation was undertaken with interdisciplinary health team members

    • How this consultation affected the strategies and details of the healthcare education

    • How receptive the patient was to the healthcare education

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