HLTENN002: Apply Communication Skills in Nursing Practice - Nursing Assessment Answer

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Nursing Assessment HLTENN002

Ms Susan Sayers, is a thirty three year old primary school teacher. She is scheduled for an elective tonsillectomy tomorrow morning. You have been asked to admit Ms Sayers to the surgical unit.
Give 3 answers with a brief explanation for each part of the interview. Each answer is for 1 Mark.
1. Setting up of the interview?
2. Starting an interview?
3. Conduct an interview?
4. Ending an effective interview?

The admission is progressing well. You note that Ms Sayers seems a little more at ease as you move further into the interview. Discuss the various interviewing techniques for facilitating communication including active listening, give examples and rationales for their use. HLTENN002

  • Explain eight potential barriers to communication.
  • Explain how the nurse should address each one.

The admission interview has come to a close – you have taken Ms Sayers on a tour of the surgical ward, orientated her to her bed unit and introduced her to
the other patients in her room. It is now time to write up the admission. Explain ten guidelines for correctly completing nursing documentation.

Mr and Mrs Singh and their two children aged 7 years and 4 years, arrive in the Accident and Emergency Department at 12md on Saturday afternoon. Mrs Singh appears to be well advanced in her pregnancy – she looks tired. Mr Singh looks worried. He is deeply concerned about his wife. Their spoken English is broken and they rely on hand gestures – they push their 7 year old son Ravi forward to interpret for them. What should the nurse do to facilitate communication in this situation?

For Mr and Mrs Singh’s next visit you have arranged for a professional interpreter to be on site. Discuss briefly how the nurse should conduct the interview with the interpreter. HLTENN002
Include the following:

  •  Preparing for the interview
  •  Introduction of the interview
  • Working with the Interpreter
  • Ending the interview 

Mr Colin Davies, an 80 year old retired train driver, has recently been admitted to the ‘Golden Age Nursing Home’. Always an active, busy man, Mr Davies is fiercely independent, taking a pride in both his appearance and also in his extensive repertoire of songs which he happily shares with anyone who will listen. Mr Davies has difficulty hearing and is registered as legally blind. You lead the nursing team caring for Mr Davies. What strategies should you put in place to facilitate optimal communication for this gentleman? HLTENN002

Within the nursing team you need to both give and receive feedback to facilitate ongoing improvement.
A) Discuss in detail how the nurse should give feedback to another. 3 answers required.

B) Explain the strategies for receiving feedback on your own performance. HLTENN002

Define ‘Open Disclosure’.

State the eight key elements of open disclosure and explain the process.

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