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HLTENN001: Practise nursing within the Australian health care system - Nursing Assignment Help

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Assignment Task:


1. Access the Enrolled Nurse Standards for Practice. List the three domains and summarise in your own words how these should manifest in your nursing practice.  

2. Review the NMBA Code of Conduct for Nurses and summarise what it is, and why it is important for nurses to adhere to the code. 

3. Review the International Council of Nurses Code of Ethics for Nurses. Summarise the content and purpose of this document and discuss how it will affect your nursing practice. 
4. Review the NMBA National Framework for the development of decision-making tools for nursing and midwifery practice and summarise how this will impact on your nursing practice.  
5. Review the NMBA Guidelines Continuing Professional Development. Summarise the content and discuss how these guidelines will affect your nursing practice. 
6. Review the NMBA Guideline - Informing a National Board about where you practice. Summarise the content and discuss how these guidelines will affect your nursing practice. 

7. What is the role of an Enrolled Nurse in a health care team? How does this differ to the role of a Registered Nurse?
8. Identify four (4) other health care professionals that might be part of a health care team. Discuss their roles.    
9. What is the role and position of non-western approaches to health care in Australia?  What are these? Provide examples. How are these integrated into western health care approaches? 
10. Identify five (5) audit and accreditation requirements you might be asked to participate in as a nurse. Discuss ways you can comply with audit and accreditation processes of your organisation. 
11. Explore and discuss factors that have affected the changing role and function of the nurse.  
12. Discuss the role of ANMAC, ANMF, AHPRA and NMBA in relation to nursing practice and nursing education. Include in your answer what each of these abbreviation stands for: 
13. Discuss the impact of a sub-standard health care system on the population of a country. 
14. What is the Chronic Care Model and what are the key components? Discuss the application of this model in nursing practice. 
15. Explore and briefly describe any four (4) key challenges or issues that have an impact on the health care systems and health policy development. 

16. Briefly describe the term integrated care. Discuss the role of interdisciplinary health care team in integrated health service delivery. 
17. What are the different funding responsibilities of the Australian commonwealth and state and territory governments in relation to health services? Discuss the impact of these funding allocations on the health care delivery. 
18. Discuss the differences between the five levels of the healthcare services delivery system, i.e. public health, primary care, hospitals, specialised health services and aged care and disability services. .

19. Explore and briefly describe health and illness issues commonly encountered (faced) by people who have come from countries other than Australia.
20. Identify two (2) health insurance-related organisations (one private and one public). Discuss their roles in the Australian health care system. How do public and private health insurances complement each other?  

21. Research and discuss the major health issues faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Explain the impacts of these health issues for the healthcare delivery for Indigenous Australians. Include in your response why a nurse should understand health issues affecting Indigenous Australians and their impact. 

22. Research and outline any five (5) major milestones in the historical development of the nursing profession in Australia (specify the year/approximate period and milestones). Include in your response the current perspectives of the nursing profession in Australia.

23. Discuss the application of the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standards in the Australian healthcare system. Identify one standard and briefly describe ways you could comply with the identified standard.    
24. Research and discuss any five (5) major milestones in the historical context and development of the Australian healthcare system (specify the year/approximate period and milestones).  
25. Explore and discuss the overall structure, strengths and weakness of the Australian health care system in relation to your State or Territory. 
26. Discuss the impact of environmental factors, cultural barriers and community acceptance in the overall health of a person. What is the significance of these concepts/factors or understanding of their impacts in your nursing practice?  
27. Explore and discuss how the social, political and economic factors impact the following in relation to nursing care provision: • Funding sources • Constraints on services • Resource allocation. 

28. Identify and discuss factors that may affect health of migrants in general. 
29. Briefly describe the philosophical framework and key principles of primary health care. Discuss the application of these principles and the philosophical framework in nursing care provision. 

30. Briefly describe the key principles of wellness. Discuss the application of these principles in nursing care provision. 

31. What is meant by the holistic health model? What is the application of this model in your nursing practice? 

32. Identify two (2) different community health promotional strategies/initiatives implemented in your State or Territory by Government or private agencies. Explore the purpose of the identified strategies/initiatives and discuss their effectiveness. 
33. Discuss the application of Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory in your nursing practice. 
1. Assume you are working as an enrolled nurse in a residential aged care facility. A new resident (migrated from India) asked you whether she can take her ayurvedic medicines. The resident said she always relied on ayurvedic medicines to manage her body pain and other ailments. The resident is on a new medication chart and a range of new medications are prescribed for her after initial assessment by the doctor. Discuss the best response in this scenario. 
2. Assume that you are mentoring a newly graduated enrolled nurse. You are working in a surgery ward and the new recruit has limited experience in a surgical environment. Discuss five (5) levels of nursing experience outlined by Ms Patricia Benner in her theory ‘from novice to expert’. Explain how you should apply Ms. Patricia Benner’s theory in mentoring the new enrolled nurse.
3. Your organisation is preparing an application to request Commonwealth funding. You are aware that there are recent funding changes in various other sectors. The government is focussing on its funding approaches and aims to cut down budgetary allocation on healthcare funding. However, there is no detailed information or any plan discussed on authority websites. Would it be appropriate for the organisation to apply at the earliest opportunity?

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