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HLTENN001 : Practice Nursing within the Australian Health Cared System - Medical Science Assignment Help

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Assessment details Instructions
Assessment overview The objective of this assessment is to assess your knowledge of information required to effectively perform the tasks outlined in this unit. This includes knowledge of:

historical and current perspectives of the nursing profession
development and historical context of the Australian health care system, current health service models and State/Territory standards of care
range of health care environments and the roles of the interdisciplinary health care team and personnel associated with health service delivery
themes that impact health and illness for people from Australia and other countries, including environment, cultural barriers and community acceptance
health issues and impacts for health care delivery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
social, political and economic impacts on health care delivery including funding sources and constraints on services and resource allocation
overall structure, strengths and weakness of the Australian health care system
health insurance-related organisations and their roles in the Australian health care system

  • current issues which impact health policy development
  • how health and illness factors impact a person
  • principles and philosophical framework of primary health care
  • principles of wellness and illness, and models of care and non-western approaches to health care
  • roles of regulatory authorities, industrial and professional bodies
  • Assessment Event number 3 of 4
  • Instructions for this assessment This is a written case study and will be conducted as a take home assessment. You will be permitted to use your reference text and learning notes when completing this assessment.
  • Your assessor will provide assessment results and feedback online, or via the feedback form at the end of this document.
  • Note: if you are submitting through an online platform, the assessor will give you feedback via the platform.
  • This assessment is in two parts:
  • Case study scenario
  • Short answer questions
  • It is supported by:
  • Assessment feedback.
  • Submission instructions Where possible, complete and submit this assessment online via TAFE NSW online learning platform.
  • Upload all the required assessment files in the assessment area on the online learning platform.
  • Alternatively, hand all required assessment files to your assessor for marking. Make sure you have added your name to the bottom of each page of the assessment.
  • It is important that you keep a copy of all electronic and hard copy assessments submitted to TAFE NSW and complete the assessment declaration when you have submit the assessment.
  • What do I need to do to achieve a satisfactory result? To achieve a satisfactory result for this assessment all questions must be answered correctly.
  • If your assessment is not satisfactory you will be provided with feedback and asked to resubmit responses to those questions you answered incorrectly within two weeks, unless otherwise agreed with the Head Teacher where there are extenuating circumstances.
  • If your assessment is not satisfactory after two attempts, you will need to talk with the Course Coordinator or Head Teacher who may use their discretion to allow additional attempts.
  • What do I need to provide? Computer and/or pens and paper, internet access if submitting assessment online, ability to print or email completed assessment, learning notes, student ID.
  • What must the assessor provide? Prescribed textbook: Koutoukidis, G, Stainton, K. & Hughson, J. (2017) Tabbner’s Nursing Care (7th ed.) Elsevier, Chatswood (e-textbook)
  • Computers with online learning platform and resources, printed copy of assessment, reading lists, policies or guidelines, key documents and templates, assessment guidance and feedback.
  • Due date Teacher/Assessor to complete as per assessment schedule
  • Time allowed Indicative time: 3 hours to complete this assessment.
  • Assessment feedback, review or appeals Appeals will be addressed in accordance with TAFE NSW Policy. Refer to Every Student’s Guide to Assessment in TAFE NSW for more information.
  • Specific Task Instructions
  • The instructions and the criteria in the case study below will be used by the assessor to determine whether you have satisfactorily completed this assessment. Use these instructions and criteria to ensure you demonstrate the required knowledge.
  • Part 1: Case Study Scenario
  • To complete this assessment, you must read the Case Study Scenario below and then complete your written responses to the questions in Part 2 of this document.
  • Once completed you will need to submit this assessment to your assessor for marking.
  • Case Study Scenario:
  • Bridget Farmer is 37 years old and identifies as an Aboriginal woman. She has four children aged 14, 12, 8 and 1 year old. Her partner, Thomas, 37 years old, works as a fly in/fly out miner in WA. He is away for six weeks at a time, and then has two weeks at home each block.
  • The family lives in a small country town, one hour away from the closest regional town. Bridget does not have any immediate family nearby. They initially moved there for Thomas’ work and bought a home with a mortgage, however the mine nearby closed and so Thomas had to take the interstate job. Bridget can only work on a casual basis because she has to care for the children when Thomas is away. It has been a quiet time at her work, so she has only been getting one day a week. Money is tight, so Bridget and Thomas budget carefully.
  • Recently while Thomas was away at work in WA, their 1 year old child was hospitalised with croup. He had to be transferred to the regional hospital an hour away, which meant Bridget had to take all the children with her. Unfortunately, there was no hospital accommodation for families, so during the day, the children spent the time on the ward with her. At night time, Bridget had to stay on the ward with the baby, as he would scream whenever she left his bedside. The children slept in the car, as Bridget couldn’t find affordable accommodation and didn’t know what else to do. Staff notified the Department of Community Services (DOCS) and now Bridget feels like she’s a criminal. She feels that they have discriminated against her because she is Aboriginal, and no one came to talk to her about what was happening. She feels helpless and frightened that they may take her children away from her.
  • Bridget has returned home and has come to see you at the medical centre. She is feeling stressed and anxious, the baby is still recovering and not quite back to normal, very clingy and requiring her constant attention. The other children are back at school, but she feels bad that they had to miss almost a week of school and thinks that might give DOCS more reason to take them away. She tells you she has always been a good mother and would never have done anything like this but she did not know what else to do. Staff at the hospital were too busy to take time with her and she is angry they did not come to her to ask what was happening. Since returning home she has not been able to work because the baby has been so unwell, and she is worried about paying the bills.
  • Part 2: Short answer questions
  • Using the Social Determinants of Health of assessment tool (see Figure 1 below) and the Wellness Model of care from the online module and Tabbner’s Nursing Care, answer the following questions.
  • Your answers should each be a minimum of 20 words but no longer than 150 words.
  • Figure 1: The SDH Assessment Circle (McMurray and Clendon, 2015 pp 55)
  • List three social determinants of health that affect Bridget and her family and explain how you would plan her care based on these:
  • What services could Bridget have been referred to while her baby was hospitalised in the regional hospital?
  • Discuss three external factors that affect Bridget and her family.
  • As the Enrolled Practice nurse at the local medical centre, discuss the community resources you can recommend to help Bridget, now they are back at home.
  • Discuss three internal factors that may affect Bridget and her family.
  • You are forming a nursing care plan for Bridget, list three actual or potential problems that you have identified from the scenario.
  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • From the list of problems you have made, identify three different multidisciplinary team members you could refer Bridget to.
  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • Bridget has asked you about private health insurance, as the older child has been told she will need corrective treatment for her teeth and will need braces. Explain to Bridget what you know about private health insurance and where she can find further information:
  • Refer to the following models of health and wellness discussed in Koutoukidis, G., Stainton, K., & Hughson, J. (2017). Tabbner's Nursing Care: theory and practice (7th ed.). Elsevier Health Sciences, Chapter 6:
  • Holistic health model
  • Health-illness continuum
  • Health belief model.
  • Define one of the models in your own words
  • How could you apply this model to Bridget’s better understand care requirements, including social and emotional wellbeing, and her health beliefs and practices?
  • Research and name a rural town in NSW and identify what community resources are available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in this town.

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