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HLT51612 Health Science and Community Studies Department of Nursing HLTEN608B

The National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards guide our standards of practice within both the hospital system and in the domiciliary care environment.

Read the following case study:

You are an enrolled nurse working with the Hospital in the Home (HITH) department. You have arrived on shift and find one of your allocated clients is new to the service.   Mrs. Julia Brown, a 61 year old woman, has been referred to the service after a Lap Cholecystectomy.

Past history includes T2DM, OA and toe amputation 2014.

Mrs. Julia Brown is an independent client with a supportive family. Mrs Brown is retired but is an active member of the community.

Her ongoing care requirements include the administration of IVAB’s via a PICC line, monitoring wound area (dressings if required), vital sign assessment and general education.

Choose two (2) out of the ten (10) quality standards and discuss how you would apply these health care standards in the home compared to the hospital environment for this client.

You must include:

 An introduction covering:

 An overview of what the National Safety and Quality Health Service

Standards are;

 Brief relevant background information;

 The scope and direction of your paper (what specific areas will you



 The body of the assignment covering:

 A discussion of two (2) quality standards and the differences that exist in

the application of these standards of each health care area.

 A conclusion including:

 A logical ending, pulling together all parts of the essay

** A conclusion should never:

 Just sum up

 End with a long quote

 Focus on minor points

 Introduce new material


Tips for essay writing


 Should alert the reader’s interest

 Indicate the direction of the essay

 Provide a context for the main question

 Indicate the focus of the essay

Structure of an introduction:

 General statement about the topic

 Beginning to focus onto the issues

 Scope and direction


 Purpose is to tie the topics in the body of the essay together and make

comments about the meaning of it all.

Structure of a conclusion:

 Link to previous paragraph

 Brief summary of issues covered

 Recommendations/speculation on future action

Never use I or write in the first person in an essay. Writing should be academic (ie

no slang).

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