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HLSC122- Inquiry in Health Care- Research Report- Health Care Assignment

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Health Care Assignment


Wasim is a 29 year old male student studying Arts at an Australian University. Wasim is reading facebook and sees that all his university friends are talking about buying ‘smart drugs’ to help them perform well in exams. Wasim knows that these ‘smart drugs’ are stimulants that are prescribed for conditions like ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder). He used to have a friend at school with ADHD but doesn’t think any of his friends have been diagnosed with it, nor does he know anyone who has been prescribed stimulants. Wasim has just started at university and has learned that harm can come from either wrong information or lack of information about drugs, so decides to test out his skills in evaluating evidence by finding out about whether the claims his friends are making are true or not.


Do stimulants increase academic performance in university students?

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