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Task: TASK A – Qualitative Research Using your skills from topic 2 access the following report and use the article to answer questions 1 and 2. Strange, C, Fisher, C, Howat, P & Wood, L 2018, ‘Easier to isolate yourself...there's no need to leave the house’ – A qualitative study on the paradoxes of online communication for parents with young children’, Computers in Human Bahaviour, vol. 83, pp. 168-175, doi.org/10.1016/j.chb.2018.01.040 1. a) Identify the study design used in this study. b) Identify the two types of sampling described in this study. 2. Please refer to the results section of the study which outlines 6 qualitative themes across which responses of participants are categorised i.e. coded. Imagine you are a health researcher and are responsible for coding some of the data collected. For each of the following statements please identify which of the 8 themes the statement most appropriately fits into: a) “We like to use apps like Whatsapp, Facetime and Instagram so that our parents living abroad can keep in touch with their grandchild.” b) “I find it a good way of communicating with other mothers who are in the same boat as me.” c) “When I see other people sharing their perfect pictures and talking about their child sleeping through the night it makes me feel like a failure.” d) “When my baby had a fever one night I looked up the info on a parenting website and that was a helpful guide on when to seek medical attention.” 3. Observe the data in Table 2 ‘Demographic characteristics by response to online communication question’ (Strange et al. 2018, p.171). Which scale of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio) was used to present each of the following types of data in the table: a) Place of birth b) Employment status c) Length of residence in current suburb 4. Imagine the researchers had also asked the following open ended question to the participants: “How many times did you use access parenting information online in the past week?” What scale of measurement best aligns with the data that would be collected by this question? 5. “Online communication is an excellent replacement for fade-to-face meetings between families.” Discuss in detail the accuracy of this statement in relation to the conclusions/findings of the above study by Strange et al. (2018). TASK B – Quantitative Research Dunn, M, Thomas, J, Swift, W & Burns, L 2011, ‘Recreational substance use among elite Australian athletes’, Drug and Alcohol Review, vol. 30, pp. 63-68, doi: 10.1111/j.1465- 3362.2010.00200.x. 6. Using the skills you developed in topics 2 and 3 access the above article online and read the introduction and methodology of the report before answering the followingquestions. a) Identify the specific data collection method used in the above study. b) Using your own words describe what the 3 aims of this study were. It is essential that you paraphrase here to show your understanding of the aims. 7. This question relates to odds ratios, confidence intervals and p-values. Based on the data in Table 1 ‘Difference between those who reported past-year use of any illicit drug and those who did not’ answer the following questions. In table 1 participants who were ‘full time athletes’ reported whether they did or did not recently use illicit drugs. An odds ratio of 2.8 was reported for this risk factor of being a ‘full time athlete’. This odds ratio has a confidence interval of (1.6, 4.9) and a p-value of <0.001. a) What does the odds ratio of 2.8 tell us about the risk of recent drug use for those in the sample who are full time athletes? b) What does the confidence interval of (1.6, 4.9) tell us about the risk of recent drug use for those in the broader population who are full time athletes? c) What does the p-value of <0.001 tell us about the risk of recent drug use for those in the broader population who are full time athletes?
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