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GSBS6014: Digital Marketing Plan Concept Brief – Digital Marketing Plan

Internal Code: MAS7008

Digital Marketing Plan

1) The company must be operating in Australia. Provide an overview of the company’s digital presence and noticeable online value proposition (OVP). Use tables and images to list the company’s channel details. Why is digital marketing important for this company?

2) What would you need to review the online marketplace to help create your plan?

3) Identify how the macro-environment may affect the digital marketing strategy, planning, implementation and performance of the selected businesses

4) Identify aspects of each of the macro-environmental forces that are particularly relevant to digital marketing activities of the selected businesses.

5) Are the online marketing activities of these businesses consistent with the evolving cultural environments and ethical standards of online communities?

6) Taking the marketplace situation into account, why does the company need a digital marketing plan?


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