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Griffith University – 1806NRS Communicating Effectively Assessment


Task Description:

For this task, you need to present a five-minute oral presentation to your peers in your

timetabled workshop class. Your presentation must be at least 4.5 minutes and must not

exceed 5.5 minutes duration.

You need to choose a field of nursing that you may be interested in working in when you

graduate e.g. intensive care, paediatrics, mental health, coronary care, nurse in a medical or

surgical area, operating theatre, aged care etc.

You might like to prepare by:

• talking to someone you know who is working in a nursing role and/or

• listening to the range of interviews on the Learning@Griffith 1806NRS course site

In your presentation you must:

 Identify the specific tasks and responsibilities that the nurse undertakes in their role.

 Describe the importance of effective interpersonal and/or intercultural communication

within their role.

 Reflect on what you have read about the role. What


Oral Presentation Guidelines:

Ensure that you prepare for your oral presentation.

Please note that the average person speaks at 120-150 words per minute so you will need

to prepare 600 – 700 words for this task.

We recommend that you practice your presentation to ensure you can present it within the

time specifications (aim for a five-minute presentation).

You are able to use:

 Prompt cards (with brief notes)

 A visual aid (an item which you use to introduce or support your presentation)

You are not able to:

 Use a PowerPoint presentation

 Read verbatim from written notes


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