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GOVT2120: Tutorial Facilitation Task- Fijian Internal & External Politics- Current Political Affairs- Tutorial Assignment Help

Internal Code: 1HADJ

Tutorial Assignment Help:


1. Determine the specifics of the topic your group will facilitate
a. Confirm this with the Lecturer to ensure its “fit” with the course
b. Adjust if necessary

2. In the preceding tutorial (note for week 5 and 8 groups, preceding tutorial is two weeks prior) the team will provide a topic-specific additional reading

3. Prepare (rehearse!) and deliver a class facilitation for ~25 minutes (half of the tutorial)
a. “Presentation” elements (if any) should take no more than 10 minutes, total

4. At the conclusion of the presentation, provide tutor with a copy of materials used in the facilitation, and a list of tasks undertaken by each team member, signed by each team member in acknowledgement of the preparatory work undertaken.

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