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Floral Treats Ltd – Financial Assignment

Internal Code: MAS4049

Financial Assignment:

Sara Crouch is the Managing Director of Floral Treats Ltd (‘Floral’), a small private limited company, who is seeking someone to invest in her business. Floral has been trading for more than 10 years manufacturing and selling its own-branded perfumes, lotions and candles to the public in its 15 retail stores and to other larger retail companies. Revenue and profits have been steady over the last 10 years up
to the end of 2016. In July 2014 the company appointed a new sales director, Apu Bagchi, who with his experience and contacts in the wider retail sector has overseen the launch of an online shop for Floral’s products and secured a lucrative deal with a hotel chain. Sara now believes that the business has further opportunities and does not wish to lose the momentum created by Apu. The bank that currently provides both the long-term loan and an overdraft facility has rejected Floral’s request for additional funds on the basis that there are insufficient assets to offer for security (the existing funding is secured on Floral’s property, plant and equipment). Sara has therefore approached a business
contact, Richard Morris, about potentially investing in Floral.


1) You are Claudio Mourinho. As a member of Brightstar’s investment management team, you have been asked to analyse the financial performance and position of Floral and produce a report for Richard which sets out your findings and makes a recommendation as to whether this request for investment should be approved or rejected.

2) You have also been asked to produce a separate, independent report for Sara Crouch covering a number of issues facing the business.

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