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FBE204: Becoming a Professional – Department of Marketing and Management – MACQUARIE

Internal Code: MAS5436

Department of Marketing and Management

Concrete experience (CE): provides the basis for the learning process. Lessons are learnt by individuals through adaptability and open-mindedness rather than a systematic approach to the situation or problem. This is where the student is actively experiencing an activity.

Reflective observation (RO): students during this stage learn from their experiences and by articulating why and how they occurred. They reflect, observe and critically examine their experiences from all perspectives. This is where the student is consciously reflecting back on that experience.

Abstract conceptualization (AC): relates the observations and reflections made during RO stage to the theory or subjective concept. Students use logic and ideas as opposed to feelings to understand situations and problems. This is where the student is
presented with/or trying to conceptualize a theory or model of what is to be observed.

Active experimentation (AE): during this stage students test the theories to make predictions about reality and then act on those predictions. This is where the student is trying to plan how to test a model or theory or plan for a forthcoming experience.

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