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Fashion Luxury: Design Proposal- Sustainable Apparel and/or Accessories Design- Legging with KneeCaps- Project Proposal Writing Assignment

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Project Proposal Writing Assignment:


Create a Design Proposal for a product or non-product based design concept that responds to a current world, local or industry based issue. Advanced materials, new technologies and innovative modes of practice will be explored within a design proposal to present a product/concept for the future.


In week 1 you will choose a topic from the list provided to serve as an inspiration to the project. You will use careful planning, research, critical thinking and creativity to plan your overall design proposal. In doing so you will

(1)    Identify an ongoing or emerging trend/issue that inspires and interests you and relates to your topic of investigation

(2)    Select appropriate advanced materials and innovative thinking to respond to this trend/issue.

(3)    Investigate varying modes of advanced material practice to consider the best approach to executing your design.

(4)    Bring the topic of investigation, trend/issue and advanced material knowledge together to develop a working proposal for the product or non-product based design concept.

(5)    Explain the way in which your design responds to the trend/issue by evaluating and highlighting the advantages/strengths of your design concept in terms of innovative design, future thinking and sustainability.

(6)    Based on your Design Intent Document, develop presentation material (A3 Poster and sampling) that will aid in the communication of your design concept.

Project Topics for Selection include:  

  1. Aged Care – Dementia Support, Rehabilitation, Well-being
  2. Sport and Recreation- Water, Snow, Field, Athletics, Play etc.
  3. Cultural Identity – Indigenous, City/Country, Sub-culture
  4. Extreme Environments  – Protective Apparel, Desert, Mountain, Deep Sea
  5. Sustainable Apparel and/or Accessories Design
  6. Design for Children – apparel, educational, recreation

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