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Experiment Design and Analysis : Research Report – Psychology Assignment

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Psychology Assignment

Research Scenario
The end of the 2016 is approaching at Summertown High, and Principal Foster notices an alarming trend in student behaviour. As she peruses the yearly school “2016 Wellbeing Report”, she discovers that incidents of classroom unruliness have noticeably increased over the last six months (e.g., aggressive language, throwing of
projectiles, physical altercations etc). Seeking an explanation for this unacceptable tendency, Principal Foster recalls that during the mid-term break all the school’s classrooms were refurbished, and part of this process involved a new interior coat of vivid yellow paint. Sitting at her desk, she performs an internet search on the relationship between colour and aggression, and receives a shock when she discovers that yellow is not only fatiguing to the eye,
but can also generate sensations of anger and frustration in humans! However Principal Foster cannot be absolutely sure that her yellow classrooms are responsible for facilitating student aggression without the necessary empirical
support ….and that means a research study. Therefore, over the 2016/2017 summer holidays she personally re-paints one of the junior classrooms in the school a less-saturated colour, her choice being a relaxing shade of green called “Apple Delight”TM. Scientific research can be a long, drawn-out process, and this project is no exception. Principal Foster waits until the end of first term 2017, and in the last week of school she travels to her “Apple Delight” TM – painted classroom for the purpose of observing the behaviour of students being taught there (n = 25).
Specifically, she makes a subjective judgement on each student’s aggressive behaviour across a 45 minute lesson (on a scale from 1 to 50). She then administers a questionnaire to students, asking them to subjectively self-report
their current level of anger (also on a scale between 1 – 50).Purely out of interest, she also records students liking for room colour, on a separate scale between 1 and 10. Principal Foster then picks another classroom at random (one with vivid yellow interior paint) and conducts the same process with a new group of students (n = 24). That is, she observes students’ aggressive behaviour and asks these same students to self-report their current level of anger and document their liking for the room colour.
Returning to her office, Principal Foster begins to compile the data. She decides that the addition of aggressive behaviour (1-50) scores and level of anger (1 – 50) scores for each student is a valid measure of their overall “unruliness” across both rooms. With this newly-calculated variable she then conducts an analysis in SPSS to test her prediction that a yellow-painted room generates greater levels of student “unruliness” (i.e., bad behaviour) than a green-painted room.

Task :

your task is to create a directional hypothesis from the Research Scenario provided. That is, come up with the (directional) research question you believe Principal Foster is setting out to test.

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