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Expanding Literacy Repertoires- Report Writing- Social Science Assignment- University of Wollongong Australia

Internal Code: MAS5552

Social Science Assignment

Scenario: The Australian Curriculum: English Foundation to Year 10 is organized into three interrelated strands that support students' growing understanding and use of Standard Australian English (English). Together the three strands focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking and writing.

The three strands are:

  • Language: knowing about the English language
  • Literature: understanding, appreciating, responding to, analyzing and creating literature
  • Literacy: expanding the repertoire of English usage’……


  • Identify and discuss the ways Literacy is defined and discussed in Australian Curriculum: English
  • Explore, explain and discuss the similarities/differences to existing curricula
  • Analyse and identify the impact of these differences on classroom teaching
  • Synthesis of ideas presented through reading and research
  • Capacity to develop and sustain a coherent argument supported by evidence and employing the communication conventions of academic texts

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