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Evaluate the Branding Exercise of Australian Catholic University – Case Study – Marketing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS5560

Marketing Assignment – Case Study:

Case Study:

Brands are how organizations relate to consumers. Marketers create the brand, yet in reality, a brand is what consumers say it is. Customers engage with brands through the way they think, the way they feel, the way they behave and the way they live the brand. In June 2017, Australian Catholic University began to roll out its new branding strategy. As a student, you are living this ‘rebranding’ of the University. Your task is to use this unfolding case study to critically evaluate the branding exercise of Australian Catholic University and the associated marketing communications from your perspective as a current student and through the eyes of a potential student.

1) Was a rebranding needed?

2) In what ways has the brand been changed?

3) How effective are these changes?

4) How is the University positioning itself?

5) How is this positioning being communicated?

6) What does making ‘impact through empathy” mean?

7) Is the communication working?

8) How well is the ‘rebranding’ working?

9) Will the branding make any difference to students selecting a University?

10) What recommendations would you make?

11)Anything else that you think is relevant


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