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Essay Writing on How Fashion Media can Educate Global Consumers

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In what ways can fashion media educate global consumers? 


   -do we control technology or does it control us?

   -the progression of science and it’s effects on our daily lives

   -to what extent is it toxic? 

   -if this is today, then what is tmw?

   -William Wulf has suggested that the use of tools, technology, is what defines us as human. Might technology also be  a genie that once released cannot be returned to its bottle?

   -Does technology make us happier? If not, what is its purpose? Is technology creating a new class structure, a technological ruling class? And ultimately, how is technology changing what it means to be human? 

-Media is global, and so is fashion which implies that both of them put together are very powerful 

-identity/ self representation 

-beyond boarders (flood of information)

-something out of our control 

-it’s not whether its going to spread, it’s what you choose to do with it

-we need to see everything, the wrong, the right, in order to choose our direction 

-reverse psychology 

-the way we where educated and TAUGHT TO BE

-circumstances result in the individual having the possession of power


Nature created us, yet we managed to control it, and now technology has developed us and it managed to control us

BP1: the idea of control, no boarders, the way a human is designed 

BP2: psychology/ self realization 

Media psychology focuses on the relationship between human behavior and media. The combination of human behavior, cognition, & emotions with an equal understanding of media technologies. We respond to our incentives which affects our relationship with media and technology as it controls impact. The value of of the intersection between human behaviors and media technologies. understanding the implications of technology. 

BP3: visibility is a trap

 -A presentation of society implementing the system of power and knowledge 

 -The trap is that in most cases the fear of observation by superiors is greater than the motivation to do wrong

 -A rise in the level of visibility results in the high power getting focused on each and every individual

 -“carceral continuum”

 -the concept of surveillance

 -the significance of the techniques of information-sharing

 -the matter of surveillance is being given the much needed renewed value in the form of propagation of ‘control’ techniques 

conclusion: experience, the idea of acceptance, show me how you’d do without technology.

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