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ENVT3361: Environmental Data Analysis- Materials and Methods- Report Writing Assignment Help

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Report Writing Assignment Help:


Your Group assignment is to write a report which represents the Materials and Methods section for our Class project.

This assignment is to be based on the methods used to obtain and analyse the class data and should not be restricted to the methods used just by your group, nor which relate only to your Group’s research question from the ‘Group Assignment Part 1: Background and Research Question’ assignment.

It is expected that your assignment will include the essence of the following sections; the list below includes some brief notes on content and indicates the marks weighting for each component.

1. The study site: type of environment, land use of Smith’s Lake and Charles Veryard Reserves and surrounding land; geographic and geological setting; potential sources of contamination .

2. Sampling and sampling design: explicit sampling strategy; map; concise methodology for soil, sediment, street dust, & water; avoiding [cross-] contamination; sample preservation and storage; other site info or observations collected by class .

3. Sample analysis methods: concise methodology for all analyses citing appropriate references; blanks, duplicates, certified reference materials . . . (20%) Data quality control: curation and merging of datasets; censoring; inclusion of any other data .

4. Statistical methods: assessment of distributions /transformations; all numerical and statistical techniques; identify guideline concentrations; appropriate citations including all software and packages .

5. Presentation: Quality, consistency, conciseness, and completeness! – plus referencing

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