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Enterprise Analysis & Modelling: Reinventing Business Processes Through Automation Case Study- Case Study Report Writing Assignment

Internal Code: 1HAFC

Case Study Report Writing Assignment:


Case Study: Reinventing Business Process Through Automation: A Case Study

For this assignment, you are to critically evaluate the above case study and report on the outcome of decisions made throughout the project. In this report, you need to evaluate current business systems and processes and propose improvements for the given case study. You are required to demonstrate your analytical and modelling skills to communicate your findings from the case study. The literature provides several examples of Business Process Reengineering failures.  The author of this case study provides events surrounding the redesign of a fundamental business process at Safeco Corporation.  You, as a consultant, need to thoroughly study the scenario and propose innovative solutions to overcome the challenges and to
prevent the issues arising in future.  Do NOT simply restate the findings of the paper, but utilize the information provided in the case study to support your arguments and reasoning.


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