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ENGG5103: Incident Investigation Exercise – Safety and Risk Assessment

Internal Code: MAS5658

Safety and Risk Assessment:


You and a colleague (or just yourself if you wish) are (hypothetically) acting as safety coordinators for a multi-storey construction site in Sydney, NSW. You have been notified that a serious incident involving three workers and a crane lifting scaffolding material has just occurred on site. One of the workers has reportedly been trapped under a load of construction material and an ambulance has been called.


1. Determine and describe the list of actions you would take over the three-week period of time to investigate and determine the cause(s) of the incident and explain why you think the actions are necessary

2. Generate a sequential (chronological) timeline of these planned actions across the three weeks

3. Write a report explaining the results/findings of your investigation into the incident
a. What occurred during the incident
b. What was the likely cause of the incident
c. Your recommendations to avoid similar repeat incidents

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