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The major project for Embedded Systems will require the students to design and implement an Embedded System centred on an Altera DE2-115 Development Board.

The students will critically analyse the structure of their design and justify implementation decisions regarding HDL or procedural implementation, real time constraints, physical interfacing assumptions and others as relevant to the particular project chosen.

The project is designed to allow the student to explore areas of knowledge that have interested them over the course of their degree. There is no fixed task to be accomplished as students are encouraged to formulate projects based on problems they’ve been exposed to in their study of other areas such as Computer Vision, Control Systems, Telecommunications, Robotics etc. Inspiration for projects may be taken from the list of Project Ideas listed below.

The project may be based on a Verilog HDL implementation, an Embedded C program for a NIOS-II soft-core processor or a combination of both.
Students are free to make use of code given as part of the example package as well as any other code bases they have access to (including online) so long as the following conditions are met:
1. The student must have the right to use and redistribute the code (licence compliance)
2. The student must clearly attribute the source of the code, both in the code base itself and in the accompanying documentation
3. The student need not completely understand how the used code works, however they must be able to describe what the code does and how it
4. interfaces to the rest of the project and/or the environment. Code that has not been written by the student will not be assessed, but should be used to facilitate other assessable outcomes.

Students are required to submit a formal project report of approximately 10 A4 pages including figures with architecture details, interface specifications, quantitative performance reviews and benchmarks of different implementation options for critical portions of their design.

Available Hardware
In addition to the DE2-115 board, the following hardware devices are available. If you wish to do a project requiring hardware support but don’t see the required peripherals on the list, please discuss with the lecturer as soon as possible.
1. Ultrasonic range finders XL-MaxSonar- EZ/AE MB1200
2. Microphones, Speakers
3. Infrared remote controls
4. PAL Camera device (limited numbers)
5. PS/2 keyboard (limited numbers)

Note that the audio peripherals on the board may be used as general purpose analogue I/O, within the voltage and bandwidth limitations specified by the codec device. In addition, the VGA DACs may be used as general purpose high speed, high resolution Digital to Analogue converters.

Students are required to submit a formal report of approximately 10 pages, including diagrams. This should cover at least the following:
1. Intended function and operational instructions
2. Architecture and design
3. Functionality and functional limitations
4. Analysis of implementation options with respect to stated metrics (performance, FPGA utilisation, accuracy of results etc.).
5. Conclusion of design success including suggestions for future work or improvement
6. A one-page Executive Summary and full references.

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