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EMBA7120: Chinese Indigenous Competitor- Management Report Writing Assignment Help

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Management Report Writing Assignment Help:


Question 1: Answer the following two questions based on the “Xiaomi, Inc.: The Rise of a Chinese Indigenous
Competitor” case and our discussions how to analyze the structure of an industry:

a) Using Porter’s industry analysis (five-forces) framework, please evaluate the global cell phone industry.

b) What would be your assessment of the weaknesses of Porter’s framework in evaluating specifically the attractiveness of this (Cell Phone) industry? (2 points)

Question 2: Please watch the following TED talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” by Simon Sinek

a) How do the characteristics of a great leader suggested by Simon Sinek relate to what Daniel Goleman identifies in his article “What Makes a Leader?”. Briefly discuss the similarities and differences between the two “frameworks” proposed by Sinek and Goleman.

b) The extraordinary financial performance of GE during the two decades under Jack Welch is attributed to his leadership as we read in the “GE’s Two Decade Transformation: Jack Welch’s Leadership” case. Did Welch have the characteristics of an inspiring leader that Simon Sinek suggests in his TED talk? Briefly describe your assessment.

Question 3: To answer this question, you would require to do some web/Internet-based research. Please cite all the
sources you have used at the end of the answer. Briefly discuss how BREXIT will impact the U.S. financial service sector.

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