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ELEC3720: Programmable Logic Design- Report Writing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS1670

Report Writing Assignment:


1. Design the instruction set architecture of a single cycle processor with 18 bit wide instructions, and data-word width of your choice. Show the hardware implementation details of the processor. In particular, provide the

A.  Instruction set along with the binary codes

B. Instruction encoding/decoding logic

C. Discuss various tradeoffs made in your design to optimize the following:
1. Instruction coverage
2. Dataword width,
3. Number of registers,
4. Memory adressing scheme (byte or word addressable, base/offset based addressing)
5. Memory address and offset range
6. Jump offset range
7. Branch offset range

D. Show the data path needed to implement your design

E. Discuss the the control signals and their logic

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