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Effective Leadership in Health - Leadership

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Leadership Assignment

Leadership is the ability of an individual to guide the organization and its members. It is capacity to influence others to follow and inspire them to perform well. Leaders can modify the process of performance for improvement of expected outcome (Yukl 2012, p.66). In nursing, leadership is supporting team members, encouraging juniors and inspiring them to transform for the achievement of optimal goal by using their ideas and intelligence (Scully 2015, p.440). Leadership practices are the way which is adapted to be successful and achieve the common goal of an organization. The effectiveness of leadership depends upon the capacity of the leaders to influence and command the other group members for the achievement of the goal. As a leader, I should inspire other by performing the task which I expect from other. Being a leader I must encourage others to follow the same for maintaining a single pathway for doing work. Kouzes and Posner (2012)formulated five leadership practices that guide an individual to act extraordinarily by analyzing their own strengths and weaknesses through leadership practice inventory statements. It focuses on person-centered care for maintaining cooperative and collaborative environment by involving every team members for the completion of the organizational goal. It further helps to create a comfortable environment in the workplace. Leadership practice inventory (LPI) is the self-assessment tool through which we can measure our leadership skills by the scoring system. It guides us to know our ability as a leader and areas to improve. It includes five leadership practice, they are model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act and encourage the heart. Each practice has two commitments. There is altogether thirty behavior of five practices (Kouzes and Posner 2012, p.29). After assessing the leadership capacity, reflection helps to improve our qualities as a leader by changing the way of doing according to our personal ability.It helps to critically analyze and give attention to my leadership practice which makes them different and more effective. In nursing, reflection is necessary to make difference in people’s lives as a nursing profession is directly related to health care of the person. Moreover, as a leader in a healthcare facility, it is important to act in an effective manner and involving team members for the optimal health benefits. According to LPI statement, I was able to measure my practice and reflect on these. In this, I will use Rolfe model for the reflection of my practice and behavior. The framework of this model includes the questions ‘What?’,‘So what?’ and ‘Now what?’ which helps to reflect on our practice and develop the way of improving the practice.
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