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EDUC6201: Examining Current Assessment Practices- Quality Teaching Framework- Report Writing Assignment

Internal Code: 1HAIC

Report Writing Assignment:


Analyse two examples of current assessment practice related to a unit of study based the Quality Teaching framework. One example should focus on analysing a teacher constructed assessment task and the other mandated by central educational authorities. Code each task according to the Quality Teaching criteria for assessment. Your coding should include a thorough explanation for each score. Conclude your report by analyse each task in light of the research literature and your professional experience. You may address questions such as: What conceptions of student learning and teaching are implicit in the task?; What are the task’s specific evaluation criteria, and what are these criteria’s strengths and weaknesses?; Where does the task fall on the continuum of conventional to authentic/productive forms of assessment; and What implications can you draw given the type of assessment it is, classroom-based or large-scale mandated?

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