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ECON 6000 : Economic Principles and Decision Making – Laureate International University

Short written assessment : 

1. Interpret and successfully apply economic concepts of supply and demand for effective organisational problem solving.

2. Apply quantitative methods to forecast complex business variables including demand, supply, production and costs.

3. Critically analyse production processes and cost functions and classify the main forms of market structures as well as recommend appropriate pricing and strategies.

4. Critically evaluate the role and impact of various forms of government intervention in the economy including the implications of competition and deregulation policy for managerial practices.

Problem A:

In this Module different market structures have been discussed.

1. What is your suggestion to the Board to ensure a smooth introduction of the Schmeckt Besser energy bar? Your answer should be related to the different market structures discussed in Module.

2. Can you think of specific tasks for the Schmeckt Gut Research Department in reference to a market structure analysis? Explain!


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