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ECO600: Australia’s Supermarkets & Grocery Industry- Economics & Finance Assignment Help

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The questions
Keep them in mind while carrying out your research for primary data and for secondary data. They help you keep your writing focused.

Questions that relate to your research involving primary data:
A. Analyse the pricing and non-pricing strategies used by ALDI and Coles
1. What kind of pricing strategies are the grocery retailers using against each other, against other producers (‘supermarket’ brands vs. other brands), and how are they using them? Why? Compare between these two retailers.

2. What kind of non-pricing strategies are they using? Are there differences in the quantities offered, in the branding, or are similar goods packaged differently with different brand names or labels? What other non-price strategies are used? Why?

Questions that relate to your research involving secondary data:
A. Describe and evaluate the state of competition in Australia’s grocery market
1. Who are currently the main players in this market (Coles, ALDI, Woolworths, IGA)? What kind of market structure is it? Can you provide a review (an interesting story that provides an up-to-date overview) of the competition in this industry? What is the drama unfolding in this industry?

2. Are there (or have there been) emerging competitors or recent entrants in this market? How might they be different? How are they able to enter the market? What makes it easy or difficult to enter this market? Evaluate.

B. Analyse the growth strategies used by the major retailers (Coles, ALDI, Woolworths and IGA)
1. What kind of growth strategies have the major grocery retailers used to expand their market share, company size or their profits? What actions have they taken to grow their businesses, to reduce costs or to reach out better to existing or new consumers? Investigate and contrast.

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