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you may critique the how this objective has been written in good and constructive way or not also, write something about obj is different from goal  ( reference by using the book of )

this question is come from the book from the link I put to you earlier( I used this book in class so it would be good if you refer the evidence or statement from this book) however, you may try to find some relevant and link it with your critique on this section and the question is below

How do goals differ from objectives as they are defined in the chapter? Why might it be necessary to allow a wide variety of different types of objectives, some very specific, as well as others that are more general?

According to the chapter1, the word goals and objectives has been defined in different and distinct way. “Goals” are long-term aims that need to achieve and accomplish which the goals have to be catered and satisfied the needs of individuals. (Student) whereas “objectives” are a certain number of concrete steps for individuals to follow in order to reach the attainment or success. For example, Student aims to get the score of 6.5 for IELTS in order to be qualified for the master’s degree in UK University. In this case the goal of student to receive the 6.5 score of IELTS which they disallow to have lower. To do this, the various ways or steps will be set as the objectives for him or her to attain the particular goal. A student need to understand basic ideas of the IELTES test and how it is assessed and he or she would be able to master the test by studying or practicing the specific contents and related sources of knowledge.  However, a wide variety types of objectives can be necessary as it could provide more possibility and opportunity for individuals to accomplish the goals. On the other hands, this way could be considered as unfruitful or ineffective if the objectives are widely built or set and no specify directly towards the goal as it cannot be determined the needs of the individuals. (Students). However, goals are nebulous and we can’t definitively say that we have accomplished one whereas the success of an objective can easily be measured.

Language learning philosophy

There are 4 philosophies

  • Discrepancy philosophy
  • Democratic philosophy
  • Analytic philosophy
  • Diagnostic philosophy

You may have to read the syllabus that I attached you any you may have to read these 4 concept and them you can critique it by find some reference to support the idea


Describe how the content is clear enough or well-organized, the good methodology in teaching have to write step by step and once reader read can see the picture of how to do which mean if other people come to read they might have to automatically teach right away evne they r not work as a teacher becuz they can follow the clear instruction from the methodology… you may have to say something in this sounds and you can add some critical point on it if can come a lot of issue would be great too .Don’t forget to put reference all the time to support the point.

Material used

in this section you may have to say that how appropriate does the material in this syllabus is used. – is it interesting enough or is it effective for learning or teaching , also what to write here is about how can teacher contribute in this stage becus thi is very important for teacher to express their attitude or idea of themselves , they are allow to find their on material in learning or teaching unless it can help student to achieve their learning outcome and satsfy student need and match the objective and goal. Most of the time that teacher might misconception about English textbook as they think it is the curriculum but it is just a material which is a part of syllabus ( say this and add reference)

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