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DSRS1210/HLTH1304: Inter-professional Practice- Nursing Essay Writing Assignment

Internal Code: 1HACB

Nursing Essay Writing Assignment:


An important aspect of inter-professional practice is around working and communicating with other professionals to achieve the best outcome for the person you are seeing or supporting. To achieve this, emerging professionals like yourself first need a clear understanding of;

1. Your own future profession
2. The role of other professionals you will regularly work alongside

Part A of this assignment aims to help you develop this understanding. In this part of the assignment you are required to identify one other professional you would commonly work with. This means that you will need to research and come to understand your own profession, as well as that of another profession that you identify having to work closely with.

You need to provide an introduction to your work. This should briefly introduce your topic. You should clearly provide your reader with information about exactly what they should expect to read in your paper.


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