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Domestic Violence is a Global Issue that Negatively Impacts Mental Health and well being – Essay Writing Assessment Answers

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Examine How Socioeconomic and Psychological Factors Influence the Incidence of Domestic Violence – Essay Writing Assignment

Written Assignment Topic:

Domestic violence is a global issue that negatively impacts mental health and wellbeing. Examine how socioeconomic and psychological factors influence the incidence of domestic violence.

Your essay should address the following:

  • domestic violence & socioeconomic factors – a discussion that includes reference to international and Australian sources;
  • domestic violence & psychological factors – a discussion that includes factors affecting psychological development in infancy and childhood, psychological trauma and stress, fear and control.
  • your discussion may include evaluation of these factors for the perpetrator of domestic violence.
  • . ensure you have an introduction which states your purpose
  • .you can adopt the perspective of perpetrator of DV and their mental (e.g., what MH Issues may result in DV , example  A & OD issues.?. Gambling etc)
  • What role may SES play in DV?

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