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Disaster Management: Robert W. Kates – Key thinker in Disaster Studies- Report Writing Assignment

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Report Writing Assignment:


The assignment task is a report writing of about 1300-1500 words about the scholar Robert W. Kates, he is a thinker in the field of Disaster and Emergency Management, specializing in Geography. This assignment is from the unit “Disaster and Emergency Management”.

So, the title of the report should be- “ Robert W. Kates – Key thinker in Disaster Studies”.
The link to information about him is:

Disaster Management (and or disaster studies) is an interdisciplinary branch of science comprising of more than 40 branches of sciences ranging from social science, humanities, environment, psychology, economics, business, technology, actuarial sciences, geology, civil engineering, health and medical sciences, political science, natural sciences etc. Based on some calculation, the field has recently turned 60 years.

Furthermore, there is no disaster risk management policies and actions/practices that are totally independent from theories and concepts. The “DNA code” of disaster policy must be anchored in some theories proposed by theorists and scholars.

To most of the students, there is still lack of knowledge of who are the key thinkers in the field. There is a listing which is a part of my initiatives to build an initial list with the help of scholars from RADIX in January 2012. In this Assignment 2A, we are trying to expose the students to a list of “Thinkers” in the field of disaster management and disaster studies and risk management scholars in general. There have been about more than a hundred of thinkers in Disaster Studies. When I said, thinkers, it includes disaster theorists, empiricists, scholars and activists.


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