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Disability Data and Measurement- Report Writing- Public Health Assignment

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Public Health Assignment

Scenario: The district of Sungai Kuning in Indonesia is located on the island of Java, Indonesia. The district is hilly with poor transportation. Travelling between villages can be very difficult in the rainy season. The district is largely rural with rain-fed agriculture accounting for most of the district’s work and economic production. It is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

The Indonesian government ratified the CRPD in 2011 and are concerned that accurate disability data is required for monitoring CRPD progress. District governments are increasingly aware that they need to collect disability data. Sungai Kuning government has decided to collect data on disability from a health survey that is going to be conducted in the district with two aims. Firstly, to calculate disability prevalence in the district. Secondly, to better identify disability types. Officials hope that collecting information through self-reported questions on different disabling health conditions will help in planning and decision making. This is the first time that Sungai Kuning has conducted a disability survey……


  1. Make a report (900 words) based on the issues provided below and the solutions in the presentation attached which is relevant to the issue. (References attached in the presentation)
  2. Critical analysis the piece – 1000 words

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