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Task: Topic 1? “The basic assumption of the Islamic approach to development is that ‘world-view’ and development strategies’ are inter-woven, so much that ‘unless the world-view and the strategy of a system are in harmony with its professed goals, the goals cannot be actualised” (Ausaf Ahmad). Critically discuss the Islamic strategy of development in the light of this assertion by referring to its foundational aspects. A good answer is expected to bring out the debate on the value-loaded nature of developmentalism and how values of a society need to be endogenised to produce a culturally/religiously compliant development strategy so that effective solutions can be developed. Therefore, it should be argued that Islamic values should be considered as a social capital to mobilise resources through human centred development strategy. Topic 2? Would having Islamic economics grounded on a religion (Islam) make it as a moral economy? Discuss the case for Islamic economics to be framed and analysed as a ‘moral economy’. In this assignment, students are expected to distinguish between religion as such and moral economy by making reference to internationalism and consequentialism debate; as consequences determine morality otherwise intentionalism remains as a form issue. The distinguishing nature and the articulation of moral economy should be identified and located within Islamic economics. Topic 3? Orientalists have argued that ‘Islam hinders economic development’. Critically Discuss this statement by making reference to Weber, Rodinson, Turner, Kuran and Chapra among others. In this assignment, students are expected to be aware of the ‘orientalist’ debate as to how Islam resulted in the underdevelopment of the Muslim societies. To provide substance and criticality, the opposite views are also expected to be presented alongside orientalists’. Therefore, the discussion as such should relate to evaluate the positions and views of the main contenders identified in the topic. Topic 4 ?Compare and contrast the conceptual framework of the voluntary sector in Islamic economics and conventional economics.?Students should explore the underpinning theory of charity in Islamic economics and examine how it influences towards the re-distribution of wealth. They should then analyse the evolution and impact of the voluntary sector in conventional economics. A case study or a mathematical analysis can be used to show the efficiency or non-efficiency of such a sector in either an Islamic or a conventional economy. Always keep a copy of your work. Always keep a file of working papers (containing for instance copied journal article and early drafts of your work, etc.) that show the development of your work and the sources you have used.
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