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Detergent Powder for Tradeswomen : Writing Assignment

Internal Code : MAS492

 Topic :

You are to present a persuasive advertising pitch (presentation) for 12 minutes and this is to be supported by a 2000 word summary report. Your topic is “Detergent Powder for Tradeswomen which is helpful in removal of
harmful chemicals, stains, grease oil from tradie clothes and is not harmful for kid’s clothes as well.”

The product is fictitious and will require you to make all the decisions associated with it e.g., name, price, packaging etc. Your presentation will describe the product, the target market, the communication objectives and the advertising campaign in detail. Your campaign will run in Australia only for the period of 12 months. You do not have a budget but you must be realistic and make sound decisions in your campaign if you are to gain the confidence of your proposed investors. Your written hand – in must be professional as your investors will make their decision based on your presentation and your written material.

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