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Decision Making & Influence- Group Decision-Making Methodology- Report Writing Assignment

Internal Code: 1HAHE

Report Writing Assignment:


The learning facilitator will organise the class into groups (these may include cross-cultural and inter-time-zonal virtual teams). When they are
established, the learning facilitator will provide a brief to each group that will present a complex problem to which the learning facilitator needs a

In groups, students will construct a report that outlines:

  • a rephrasing of the problem situation;
  • the decision made by the group;
  • the process the group undertook to reach its decision; and
  • a discussion that explains how the group decision-making methodology supports or breaks from the specific methods, models, frameworks and taxonomies each individual presented in their first assignment.

The report is to be limited to 3000 words, exclusive of formal document sections (i.e. title page, executive summary, table of contents, references
list, appendices, etc.), citations, tables and graphs. Students should submit one file through Turnitin.

There are a number of forms the report could take. The exact form the report will depend on the additional research the group undertakes; students
should aim for the demonstration of deep learning, founded on reflection of theory through thorough reading of scholarly literature, rather than on
getting any aspect of the brief ‘right.’

Students should commence this assignment early, keep regular backups and ensure they submit the correct, final version. Students should use this
brief as the instruction set for the assignment requirements. Additionally, the rubric below can be used to describe what unacceptable, functional,
proficient, advanced and exceptional assignments might look like according to the criteria in the leftmost column of each row.
As this is a Masters level subject, students are expected to engage with high-quality academic journal articles, using the Torrens University Library.
Textbooks, Wikipedia and, in general, anything that can be obtained through an open Google search page are considered supplementary material,
unbecoming of a postgraduate.


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