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CUL00210: Australia, Asia & The World- Essay Writing Assignment

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Essay Writing Assignment:


You are asked to:

1. Chose ONE of the topics below;

2. Discuss the nominated topic, with reference to key AAW concepts and readings;

3. Integrate 8-10 references to support your position (including at least 6 references cited in the Study Guide);


Topic 1 - Imagining Asia: Chengxin Pan (2015, p.200) describes  Australian  ways  of  imagining Asia as characterised  by three main modes: absence, threat  and opportunity. Describe  each of  these  three  representational modes with reference to one historical  or contemporary example per mode and discuss how and why cosmopolitanism could be the foundation for a new  Australian way of imagining and engaging with Asia . In your essay you will need to discuss key AAW terms which could  include  intercultural communication, colonialism, the White Australia Policy, the Asian Century and Asia literacy.

Topic 2 - Representation and Identity: In what ways do the cultural productions of Asian Australian  artists  explore  narratives of identity and belonging? What arethe challenges and advantages to achieving more diverse representations of Asian and Asian-Australian  stories  in  Australian  society  and culture?  In your essay you will need to select  and describe  at least two examples (e.g. films,television shows,artworks,exhibitions,memoirs or novels - can be 

from the same genre and/or same author)  and to discuss AAW terms  which could include identity, narrative, cosmopolitanism, cultural literacy and representation.

Topic 3 - Human rights: Jim Ife has argued that since cultural diversity is such an important feature of the contemporary world, ‘if human rights are to remain a powerful ideal they must be  understood in a way that embraces such diversity’ (2007, p. 166).  Discuss what is required for a culturally literate approach to human rights which can embrace cultural diversity,  with reference to two current regional examples  (e.g. Indigenous sovereignty ,refugee  resettlement, LGBTIQ+ rights, gender equality, or the war on terror). In your essay you will need to discuss key  AAW terms which could include universal human rights, cultural relativism, cosmopolitanism, colonialism,and imperialism.The suggestions for key terms for each topic are not requirements, they are provided to help you in forming your approach to your chosen question. Students in the final session of their degree may devise  their own  essay question in consultation with their tutor.


Notes: It is recommended that you structure your Essay according to the following guidelines:

  1. Brief introduction: approximately 3-4 sentences outlining your position and a ‘map’ of your discussion;

  2. 5-8 short paragraphs: each paragraph should be 3- 5 sentences, approximately 150-200 words;

  3. Ideally addresses just one key idea/point per paragraph;

  4. Brief conclusion: approximately 3- 4 sentences summing up your  argument and the  evidence you have  used  to  support it;

  5. you can use first person (‘I’) if you wish;

  6. your response must include appropriately formatted in-text references and a complete References list.

Rationale: The purpose of this essay is to help you deepen your understanding of some of the core concepts introduced in this unit, and use this a foundation to explore and analyse real world issues influencing relationships between  Australia, Asia and the World.


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