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CUC100 : Annotated Bibliography – Essay Writing Assignment

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Essay Writing Assignment –

Question :

This assessment requires you to create an annotated bibliography from the three core readings. The purpose of this task is to practice reading, writing and summarising, as well as develop your referencing skills. Each annotation should include two paragraphs – a summary of the core reading and a comment on how the reading’s key arguments relates to your own ideas for the Persuasive Essay (Assessment 4).
Each annotation should be approximately 300 words and include a summary and comment paragraph:

Summary paragraph: Summarise the key ideas and/or arguments in each reading (in your own words). Avoid directly quoting the author/s and paraphrase the main points from the core reading.

Comment paragraph: What aspects of the readings relate to your chosen essay issue and the three pillars of sustainability?

Begin each annotation with the reading’s correct reference as the heading of each annotation. The preferred referencing style used in CUC100 is APA 6th Edition (but you may choose to use the style used in your course. For example, Business, Commerce and Accounting students are permitted to use CDU Harvard). Please see your textbook (p.146) for examples of writing an annotated bibliography. Please remember to format your assessment according to the guidelines (found in Assessment Tasks on Learnline). The 3 core readings for CUC100 can be downloaded for free on the CUC100 Learnline site under “Readings”. We will work together preparing the summaries for each of the readings in Weeks 3, 4 and 5. Your comments on each core reading should identify your chosen essay issue and how the reading is useful for analysing the environmental, social and economic challenges of achieving sustainability.

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