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CSG1105: Edith Cowan University- LAN Connections- Applied Communications Assignment Help

Applied Communications Assignment Help:


This worksheet contributes 5% to your final grade. Your answers should be concise and to the point.
You will need to use content from lectures, tutorials and the textbook. Your answer document should be converted to a PDF and submitted to the Turnitin link by the due date.
1) In weeks one and two, you produced LAN simulations in Packet Tracer using both hubs and switches.
a) Hubs result in half-duplex connections whereas switches may have full duplex connections.
Explain the terms half-duplex and full duplex in terms of LAN connections. Try setting a workstation Ethernet interface to full duplex on the week one exercise. What happens?
b) When using hubs, the more stations added to a LAN reduces the bandwidth available to each station. This is not the case with switches; Explain.

2) In Packet Tracer we have used IP addresses and have seen MAC addresses
a) In the exercises, we assigned IP addresses to each workstation, whereas Packet Tracer had already assigned the workstation a MAC address. What is the difference between a MAC address and an IP address?
b) What are frames and packets and what is their relationship to each other? What network hardware is associated with each of these?

Practice Exam Question
Switches and Routers differ in their operation. Describe the steps involved in the basic operation of a switch.

Reflection Exercise:
Reflection is the process of self-evaluation of your learning experience. It guides you in critically evaluating your personal progress in mastering a concept or technique.
a) Write two sentences that summarises what you have learnt from these exercises.
b) Briefly describe what concepts you don’t yet fully understand

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