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Critical Appraisal Using CASP Objective- Public Health Assignment

Internal code- MAS544

Public Health Assignment


Q1.  Evidence selection and critical appraisal using CASP Objective(s):

PART 1: Students are to develop a question to address the area of uncertainty, and demonstrate their ability to use the PICO or PS framework, and document a systematic method to search literature. Students should complete the worksheet provided and document their searchable question, key search terms, and evidence of their database search (i.e. using Medline or CINAHL).

PART 2: Students are required to select ONE article that best addresses their clinical uncertainty. (This paper may be a Randomised Controlled Trial, a qualitative article or a systematic review article). Students should appraise this selected paper using the relevant CASP tool for critical appraisal. A detailed critical appraisal is required of the selected paper.

PART 3: Following appraisal, students are required to provide a short (600 word) answer to address the following questions. What are some of the barriers and enablers to you implementing evidence based practice in your workplace?
1. Provide a short summary of the important information that relates to your clinical question, explain the rational for your decision making to your situation of uncertainty.

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