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CPPBDN5005A: Sustainable Design Strategies for Building Designers – Sustainability Report Assessment Answer

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Sustainable Design Strategies for Building Designers


Research and prepare a report documenting the latest thinking in sustainable design for housing. This report should include images/ graphs/ tables or photos that help explain the concepts.
For this assignment the key areas of your research should focus on Solar Passive Design.
Your research should include, but not be limited to:
• Orientation
• Solar access
• Solar shading
• Thermal mass
• Ventilation
• Glazing
• Insulation

Building Designers should consider the four following inter-related principles of environmental sustainability at all stages of a building’s life:
• bio-diversity – protect and restore ecological diversity, health and functionality
• resources – optimise their use, especially non-renewable resources
• pollution – minimise pollution of soil, air and water
• quality of life – improve the health, safety and comfort of building users.

To assist in making appropriate sustainable design decisions, the following specific design strategies and actions are recommended. They do not form a comprehensive list, merely a prompt for the most commonly encountered issues.
They do not all offer solutions, sometimes just raising issues to be considered.

Using the information in the report prepare a letter for your client to explain your Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) recommendations for the design of their house. The letter should explain to your client the sustainable features you are planning to include in the design. Your client should be able to read your letter and refer to the report if they want further information.

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