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Assignment Task :

CPCCBC5001B – Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for medium rise building projects
Metharom Construction (MC) plans to become a leading provider of housing construction and renovation services in the South-East Melbourne area. The company's overall strategy will be based on a continuing improvement process of setting objectives, measuring results, and providing feedback to facilitate further growth and progress. They have been involved in large scale construction for 3 years and are now branching out to residential housing. 
You will be taking on the role of the construction manager. Your duties include: overseeing construction projects to ensure they comply with organisational and legislative requirements, managing resources on-site, implementing policies and procedures on-site, creating environmental management plans per project, managing contractors and suppliers, coordinating site teams, and liaising with clients. 
For more information regarding Metharom Construction, please see the appendices and company policy documentation

Assessment 1: Prepare a compliance report for the building project. 
Prepare a compliance report regarding the project (as detailed in the project plans). You will need to evaluate the building’s compliance with performance requirements set out under the Building Code of Australia.

Your report should include the following information:

  • The building classification
  • How the building will be used by occupants
  • 5 performance requirements of a building at this classification
  • How you (as the builder) will ensure that the building methods used on site are compliant with the BCA and relevant Australian Standards

Assessment 2: Apply fire protections to the building project
The client has brought you a prepared set of drawings for the building works, and has hired Metharom Construction to build this facility. You have noticed when reviewing the documentation provided, that the building requires additional fire safety measures to be added, in order to comply with the BCA. 

Using the documents provided, add both passive and active fire protections to the building plans. You will need to do this for both the ground floor and the first floor. 

Prepare an explanatory memorandum that explains the changes that you have made to the client, and justifies your decisions using the BCA. You will need to ensure that your memorandum includes:

  • Passive fire protections/controls
  • Active fire protections/controls
  • Protection measures relevant to the building’s bushfire attack level (BAL)

Assessment 3: Implement a solution to the construction project, via a design brief. 
The clients want the framing of the building to be constructed using local timber, to reduce the embodied energy of the building work. This does not comply with section CP1 of the BCA, which states that “the building must have elements which will, to the degree necessary, maintain structural stability during a fire” as well as CP2: “a building must have elements which will, to the degree necessary, avoid the spread of fire”.

You will need to prepare a performance based design brief, that discusses the following:

  • The construction problem
  • The alternative/performance solution to the problem
  • Whether you have complied  according to the Deemed to Satisfy provisions or a performance solution


Assessment 4: Meet with the client to discuss the approval of the solution.
Meet with the client (to be played by your assessor) to keep them informed regarding the construction problem. You will need to bring your design brief to refer to, and any other documents that you may require. 

You will need to consult with the client about the following:

  • The alternative solution that you have prepared
  • The method that you think is most appropriate to assess the solution
  • The general process of getting the solution approved



1 What is the difference between a performance solution and a Deemed to Satisfy (DtS) Solution?
2 Can a builder use both a performance solution and a Deemed to Satisfy (DtS) to comply with a performance requirement? How?
3 Explain the meaning of the following symbols, commonly found on building plans.
4 What information do product specifications provide?
5 How are Australian Standards relevant to building works conducted in Australia?
6. Why does the National Construction Code refer to Australian Standards?


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