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CP3307/CP5307: Coding Project Specification-Programming Assignment

Internal Code: MAS509

Programming Assignment:


A great and worthy use of mobile technology is the creation of educational apps for children. Today, many hundreds of thousands of educational apps exist on the app stores for every age group.For your coding project, we ask you to develop an educational app specifically for very young children (1-5 years old). We assess your work in terms of your ability to problem solve, implement, discuss, and demonstrate your coding project.CP3307 students create two identical versions of the educational app for Android and iOS. The Android app must be built using Android Studio. The iOS app must be built using XCode. The CP5307 students create one version of the educational app that runs on Android.Your educational app must at least be demonstrated on the standard mobile emulators in the IDEs. For assistance acquiring real devices or help recording your app running a real device, ask your friendly lecturer/tutor.You create a mobile app by extending this traditional toy called “My first block puzzle”:


The toy is a simple wooden 2×2 block puzzle with a selection of different pictures formed by correctly choosing the position and orientation of the blocks. This type of toy teaches “picture memory” – remembering which faces of the blocks are for which picture, and “hand-eye-coordination” – how to rotate and move the blocks so the picture is correctly formed.

Your educational app is expected to build on this toy in the following ways:
1.The app is first used by the parent
A.The app allows the parent to select between many different picture themes such as animals, vehicles, and flowers

2.Next the app is used by the child
A.This part of the app must be easy for the child to use – they have small
fingers and are still developing hand-eye coordination

B.The app represents the blocks as an image grid
a.The grid cells are initially randomized as to not form a picture
b. Touching a grid cell causes the app to change that part of the image between parts of different images in the currently selected picture theme
c.when all of the grid cells show a completed image the app plays a happy/funny sound and says aloud what the picture is

3.Afterwards, the app allows the parent to track some basic statistics:
A.How many times each picture was completed
B.The dates and times of completion


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