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Corporate Culture & Strategy- Culture Clash Case Study- Management Assignment Help

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1] Visit the following URLs, and use ‘Questions to consider’ to guide your thinking.

Activity 1: Corporate culture and strategy

URL: ‘Culture clash: When corporate culture fights strategy, it can cost you’

Questions to consider:

  1. Can you think of any examples where you experienced various culture types (Market, Clan, Adhocracy and Hierarchy culture) as a consumer to, or employee of, an organisation?
  2. If so, what is your evaluation of the aligment between its corporate culture and strategy?


Activity 3: Online tool to explore different countries’ 5 dimensions by Hofstede


Questions to consider:

  1. How does the Australian culture compare to other world cultures (eg. Your home country or other countries that you have visited)?
  2. Do you agree with the survey results for the Australian culture? Why or why not

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